Capcom’s New Challenger: Tobias Funke?

As some of you may perhaps know, an obscure sitcom called Arrested Development is being brought back for a fourth season by Netflix. In a desperate attempt to make the Internet aware of the show, the producers put out InsertMeAnywhere, an attempt to crowdsource funny marketing materials. And Capcom answered the call.

Joking aside, this is probably the funniest thing you’ll see all day:

If you were wondering, no, this is not just a fan video: It’s straight from Capcom’s official YouTube feed, as apparently everybody at Capcom North America is an Arrested Development fan. We particularly like Tobias as a sidekick to the Arisen in Dragon’s Dogma. He’d be an interesting companion, certainly.

For us, though, this raises an important question: Who should make the Arrested Development game? We have a few nominees:


Admit it. You want to see those conversation trees:

Feel free to make your own: The tool to do so is right here.

Double Fine

This would almost invariably have to include adventure game elements, and it has to be funny. Double Fine is pretty much the only studio doing the one and one of painfully few studios achieving the other on a regular basis.


Because they’d spend years on it, we’d essentially forget about it, then it would come out and be freaking brilliant.

Just like the fourth season. We hope.