‘Captain America 3’ Is Already Being Planned

Captain America: The Winter Soldier isn’t even out yet. But, apparently, it’s been doing so well Marvel is moving quickly to ensure part three is on the way, right away.

It’s starting by rehiring the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, according to Variety:

…sources tell Variety that Anthony and Joe Russo will be back in the director’s chair for a third installment, even though it hasn’t yet been officially greenlit… Marvel and the Russos are already putting together an outline of what the third film’s story arc would look like. Kevin Feige will produce with Chris Evans returning in the title role.

Honestly, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been looking pretty good, and the basic pitch, namely that of Cap in the middle of a political thriller is promising. Also, according to industry scuttlebutt, the movie’s been testing very well to the point where even Marvel is a little surprised at how well it’s doing, hence their attempt to lock in the Russos before somebody swipes them to make another superhero movie.

Although we do have to wonder when, precisely, Black Widow is going to get her own movie. Maybe you could get on that, Marvel, especially since DC and Warner Brothers have finally gotten on the stick with Wonder Woman.

via Variety