Captain America Pictures, Poster, and Super Bowl Spot

Entertainment Editor
02.07.11 2 Comments

We have a lot of Super Bowl ads to cover today, so let’s get right to it.  Empire Magazine printed several set photos from Captain America in the recent issue.  Some of those high-resolution scans are now online, because paper is for squares.

Those pictures are after the jump along with the Super Bowl TV spot which shows the Red Skull up close as well as showing a scrawny Steve Rodgers get into a machine and emerge all buff and shirtless [the shirtlessness is very organic to the plot] as Captain America.  Wait, hold up.  Do those machines exist?  Can they make me one?  But, like, smaller?  I’m thinking maybe one about the size of a violin case that can fit on a waist-high tabletop.  No reason.  Just asking.

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