Did Marvel Spoil ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ With The Newest Teaser Trailer?

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02.22.14 31 Comments

I’ll say this for Marvel, they must have a bunch of aces up their sleeves regarding Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You might remember that Dan wrote how a bombshell villain had been potentially revealed by the film’s soundtrack of all things and now Marvel is spoiling major plot points in their teaser trailers.

Or that’s at least what everyone sharing the trailer would have you believe. I probably don’t have enough digits on my body to count the number of times Nick Fury has died, faked death, returned, died again, went into hiding, or traveled through time. And given what has been established in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. concerning the dead, Fury could always take a trip to Tahiti.

It’s funny though, considering the identity of The Winter Soldier, that we’d be talking about the particulars and pitfalls of comic book death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who knows, maybe Marvel just doesn’t care and the real secrets haven’t been revealed yet. No matter what, this looks way better than the first Captain America movie.

(Via Marvel)

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