Cards Against Humanity’s 2016 Black Friday Offer Has People Literally Donating For A Hole In The Ground

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11.26.16 4 Comments

At 1pm on Black Friday 2016, Cards Against Humanity unleashed their latest annual fundraiser / prank / act of pure silliness on the public. While it might not be a box of actual sh*t like they did back in 2014, it is a close relation to their 2015 stunt that saw the company make over $70k selling absolutely nothing. For 2016, the card game is asking people to donate to help dig a hole in the ground. The hole isn’t going anywhere, it isn’t for any real reason, they’re just asking folks to donate to dig this damn hole. As they lay it out on their website, the reasoning is pretty simple:

What’s happening here?

Cards Against Humanity is digging a holiday hole.

Is this real?

Unfortunately it is.

Where is the hole?

America. And in our hearts.

Is there some sort of deeper meaning or purpose to the hole?


What do I get for contributing money to the hole?

A deeper hole. What else are you going to buy, an iPod?

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