Kevin Durant & Carmelo Anthony: The Battle For The NBA’s Scoring Title

04.11.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

Kevin Durant hasn’t irked me much in his career, if at all. But when he recently admitted Carmelo Anthony could have the scoring title, it rubbed me the wrong way. Not that K.D. gives much of a sh*t nor should he, but at least lie to me. Make the chase feel interesting in a NBA that’s been highlighted by players resting as much as playoff positioning as of late. Plus, you know, there’s that whole thing of accomplishing something only two halfway decent players, Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan, have – win at least four consecutive scoring titles.

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose have fun with the topic as they discuss who they believe ends up with the coveted title as well as who holds top billing as the most well-rounded scorer between the two.* Nothing would excite me more than to see these two enter April 17 – that’s next Wednesday and the last day of the season – in a basic dead heat for the scoring title and let loose a scoring barrage for the ages. Think George Gervin and David Thompson 35 years ago putting up 73 and 63, respectively, with “The Iceman” taking home the honors.

I’m pretty sure Melo is all for it off the strength he’s never won a scoring title before. However, with K.D., here’s to hoping OKC has to play their starters the last game of the season in hopes of securing the West’s top spot. Iceman vs. Skywalker went down eight years before yours truly was even though of. Unlike the great shootout of 1978, however, I’ve got two things at my disposal the Gervin/Thompson era did not – DVR and no tape delays. That has to count for something.

* – For those wondering, no, Chris Webber’s name is not mentioned here.

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