Carmen Electra Confronts The Zombie Sperm Of Dudes Who’ve Jacked It To Her In ‘Cum Ghosts’

This is either the best or the worst thing Funny or Die has ever done. Probably the worst. But hey it involves Carmen Electra and cum, so at least there’s some cheap SEO potential in that!

God, would I have loved to be in the room when the Funny or Die people pitched this to skit idea to Carmen. Here’s how I imagine it went…

“Okay Carmen, here’s the idea. So Halloween is coming up, right? So we thought we’d do something spooky and scary with you.”

“Sure, what’s the idea?”

“Well we thought we’d send you to cum heaven where you’ll be confronted by the zombie sperm of dudes who’ve jacked off to you over the years?”

“That sounds AMAZING! When do we start shooting!?”

I’m sure that’s exactly how it all went down.

Obligatory Carmen Electra ass shot…

(Via Funny or Die)