Want To See Cute Animals In Halloween Costumes Based On TV, Movies, And More?

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Multipass! Leeloo (The Fifth Element) photographed by Matthew Mendoza.

Halloween is coming, and we’ve already recommended funny costumes for people, but what about our pets? Who will humiliate them, if not us? To that end, we’ve collected pictures of cats and dogs in pop culture Halloween costumes.

Let’s be honest. These cute little bastards have no idea who they’re dressed as, but they’re just happy to be included. Well, the dogs are happy. The cats are currently plotting all of our deaths, but they’ll look adorable when our uppence comes.

Walter White (Breaking Bad) photographed by georgethekat.

This pug came in like a wrecking ball. [via]

Sir Didymus and Ambrosius (Labyrinth) photographed by Leatherjen.

The Dogtor [via]



Harry Potter dogs photographed by Pets Adviser. [via / via]

Thorgi, dog of thunder [via]

Lokitty [via]

Michonne pug (The Walking Dead) [via]

Chia pet. [via]


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