This Viral Cat Shelter Ad Full Of Jokes Might Make You Run — Not Walk — Out To Adopt A Cat

With so many animals in need of homes, rescues are pulling out all the stops to get people’s attention, from dressing pets up in silly outfits to help them catch the eyes of potential forever homes to enlisting Pokemon Go players to help walk shelter dogs. Meanwhile other recuse organizations are turning to viral videos to help adopt out their animals, such as the no kill Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters based out of Atlanta, Georgia, which recently put out the above video that is quickly going viral thanks to Reddit.

The three minute long commercial, done in a traditional salesman style, is crammed to the gills with subtle jokes such as the woman pretending to be a wacky inflatable tube man in the opening pitch, a nod at the tree fiddy meme, and the corny video editing in which the pitchman demonstrates the shelter’s line of merchandise.

What secures the spot as a thing of beauty, however, is the terrible acoustic rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” — widely used in those super depressing ASPCA commercials — that closes out the ad, in which the pitchman conveniently forgets the lyrics to the song. May we all find some kind of beer (and cats).

If you’d like to help out but don’t live in the Atlanta area, feel free to donate over on the Furkid’s website.

(Via Reddit)