Cats + Abs Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today

Cosmo put together this two and a half minute video (probably about a full minute longer than it needs to be) called Cat + Abs, which features shirtless made models rapping about cats and holding three-month-old kittens — NOT cats with well defined and chiseled abs; a conclusion I immediately jumped to. It’s the sort of thing that I feel is a prime example of what future anthropologists are going to be studying to understand the internet today.

Cats + Abs isn’t just another meaningless and ridiculous internet cat video though! It’s sponsored by the New York Humane Society and all of the cats featured — Merlin, Henya and Tony — are all available for adoption. So that’s nice. Personally, I’ve got enough cats, but I wouldn’t mind adopting one of those models. Any information about how I can do that?