These Cats Wreaking Unholy Terror On Unsuspecting Christmas Trees Are Living Their Best Lives

Of things that definitely do not go together, a few things immediately come to mind. Like oil and water, for example. Donald Trump and hair is another. But nothing spells disaster quite like a cat and a Christmas tree. See, cats are meant to be outdoors, where they instinctively climb trees, whereas trees are not meant to be indoors with fragile ornaments hung from their branches. The very idea of putting a cat and a Christmas tree in the same environment is creating an aberration in nature right off the bat, so we as humans are ultimately responsible for what happens next.

That said, many of the incidents in the above “Cats Destroying Christmas” supercut could probably have been prevented by assembling a force field of trigger-action spritz bottles 360 degrees around the tree. Live and learn.

(Via DailyMotion)