The ‘Cats’ Social Media Team Had A Solid Contribution To The ‘Yelling At Cats’ Meme

Since its controversial first trailer dropped mid-summer, the star-studded big screen version of Cats has not had it easy. Instead of being greeted with open arms, the film — due on December 20, the same day as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — has been a relentless figure of fun, its unique and sometimes disturbing images turned into meme fodder well before anyone’s had the chance to see it in its completed form. But one must give props when deserved, and so let’s all give props to whoever’s manning the Cats Twitter feed for the below yuk.

As noticed by Entertainment Weekly, it’s the Cats film’s social media team’s contribution to the beloved “Yelling at Cat” meme — one of the most popular ones as of this writing. The meme takes an image from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — namely of co-star Taylor Armstrong hysterically pointing and crying — and pairs it with an image from somewhere on Tumblr of a white cat sitting at the head of a dinner table, its mouth slightly ajar.

People love this meme (for now!), and there’s untold first-rate examples of its usage. To that list, add the one by the Cats account, which replaces the Tumblr cat with an image from the trailer of one of its way too tiny felines sitting at a dinner table, happily grasping oversized cutlery.

Of course, the downside to this meme contribution is that it still makes the Cats movie look bananas, though this does suggest Team Cats Movie is leaning into its silliness rather than scampering away from it. Kind of like the way Tommy Wiseau, upon learning people were laughing at The Room, tried to advertise it as a comedy (that was still in the vein of Tennessee Williams)! Anyway, again, we’ll all find out if Cats is secretly excellent in only a few more weeks.

(Via EW)