Cats Getting Caught (And Links)

Catamari Damacy

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Ryan Gosling + Cats + Disneyland = AWESOME! |UPROXX|

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’80s Sitcom Predicted Year of Gaddafi’s Death |Warming Glow|

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The Guy Who Found Gadhafi Was Wearing A New York Yankees Cap, Has The Dictator’s Famed Golden Gun |UPROXX|

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The Dugout: World Series 2011 Game 1 |With Leather|

TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes |AOL TV|

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Five Horror Film Curses You’ll Swear Are Real |The Smoking Jacket|

Mel Brooks on His Secret Second Career as a Horror Movie Godfather: Part 2 |Moviefone|

VIDEO BELOW: Cat burglar caught by hidden camera. |via SayOMG|

[Pictures via TheFrogman and ICanHasCheezburger.]