Celebrate 420 A Few Days Early This Year With This Excellent 420 Stoner Mix

News & Culture Writer

Did you guys know that Stoner Christmas shares the same day with Zombie Jesus Day this year? It’s a fact. Kind of perfect timing, because what better day to have a metric f*ckton of Cadbury Eggs and jellybeans lying around? Hell, even those gross spiced jelly beans might even come in handy.*

At any rate, in honor of this most sacred of holidays, Eclectic Method has put together this fine 420 mix, sampling some of the best stoner moments from your favorite movies, television shows, music videos and PSA’s — everything from Half Baked to South Park to Pineapple Express. Please enjoy, and remember to toke responsibly.

* I take that back — spiced jelly beans are never acceptable, no matter how high you are.

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