Celebrate Easter With These Disguised Animals and Links

Mark Zuckerberg “cool” with paying more taxes, marking the first time I’ve ever used “cool” and “Mark Zuckerberg” in the same sentence [Uproxx]

Week In Review: We Can Dance If We Want To [UproxxNews]

The Smoking Section is hiring writers [TSS]

50 cats straight chillin’ [Uproxx]

Frotcast 44: Chappelle, Danzig stories, Who Wants to Be An Intern [Filmdrunk]

Who did it better: original or remake? [WarmingGlow]

Arcade boxing machine fail [WithLeather]

Chappelle Show skit is a real thing now [Uproxx]

When Emma Watson answered something right at Brown, kids shouted “Three points for Gryffindor!” [Filmdrunk]

The search for the greatest ginger quarterback of all time [

Honest Anti-Marijuana PSAs [CollegeHumor]

The Best Weird Al Yankovic Videos [EgoTV]

Cats Try To Understand A Treadmill [Buzzfeed]

Watch the 2011 Boulder 4/20 Smokeout [Brobible]

10 Awful Foods That Taste Awesome High [CoedMag]

9 actors who turned down memorable movie roles [Guyism]

Five Hollywood Stories We Need to Give Up On [UnCoached]

VIDEO BELOW: Cat does a bunny impression [via JoanneCasey]

[Pictures via Catasters, makeyoubald, and TheOnion]