Celebrate Independence With Captain America (1990!)

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Captain America: The First HGH User The First Avenger doesn’t come out for another couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another Captain America to celebrate this holiday weekend. That’s right, I’m talking about Captain America (1990!)*, the cheesetastic, unfortunately forgotten, live action tribute to Marvel’s star-spangled superhero starring…Matt Salinger…and Ned Beatty!
In an effort to CAP-itilize on hype, irony, and their inability to feel shame post-bankruptcy MGM is releasing Captain America (1990!) on DVD and On Demand on July 18th. They re-released the theatrical trailer of hilarity yesterday along with movie stills and I bit on all counts. I’ve included the trailer after the jump, complete with fun facts, followed by the stills and every other image of this calamity I could find on the world wide web.
The weird thing is I’m not even all that patriotic. *Use of exclamation point not authorized by MGM.

Fun Facts:
– Tommy Lee Jones lifted his entire career off the dude from Flashdance’s “best damn candidate” routine.
– Due to budget constraints filmmakers just spray painted the Toxic Avenger’s outfit red.
– The guy who played Captain America went on to best be known for making appearances in every show you’ve ever seen and you still not remembering him.
– Whether Cap’s shield is a bullet deflector or a bullet attractor remains a mystery.
– Due to budget constraints filmmakers held a microphone to a “Galaga” arcade game to compose the soundtrack.
And now for the super intense and not-at-all low budget movie stills…

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