Celebrating Kige Ramsey’s Greatest Hits On The 5-Year Anniversary Of ‘The Kige Ramsey Show’

Way back in 2006, when YouTube was still in its infancy stages, a man in Russellville, Kentucky named Kige Ramsey signed up for an account. A few months later, in January of 2007, he launched “The Kige Ramsey Show,” a random, seemingly theme-less assortment of unintentionally hilarious videos in which Kige, a pot-bellied country boy with a Southern drawl that makes him sound like a character in O Brother Where Art Thou, discusses whatever the heck is on his mind. (Prior to today the most recent video Kige had posted was a 16-second review of a Chili’s restaurant as part of his occasional “Dinning with Kige” segments.)

At some point later in 2007, the sports blogosphere, for lack of a better term, discovered Kige and made him one of the first bonafide YouTube celebrities. Lots of people, myself included, initially didn’t believe he was real — I was convinced that Kige was some sort of a performance artist playing the part of a rural hick with a YouTube show. But then Deadspin dispatched Clay Travis to find him and it was confirmed: Kige Ramsey was the real deal.

With all of that said, Kige posted a video earlier announcing that today is the 5 year anniversary of “The Kige Ramsey Show” — for which he remains the “Host/Executive producer/production manager/writter” — so I thought I’d put together a collection of a few of my favorite videos that Kige has posted over the past few years (His was the first YouTube channel I ever subscribed to). I have to say, I’m kind of shocked that his fame never really extended out from the sports blog world — I thought by now that Letterman or Howard Stern or someone like that would have hired Kige to send him to do awards show interviews on red carpets and such. Watch a few of the clips after the jump and I think you’ll understand why I feel that way.

In the meantime, keep on keepin’ on, Kige. Shine on you crazy diamond.