Celebrities Are Providing Plenty Of Commentary On James Comey’s Testimony

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As the ol’ Us Weekly proverb goes: “Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” Traditionally this proclamation is accompanied by the stunning pic-equipped revelation that Patrick Dempsey dropped a corn dog outside a Circle K or something, but on Thursday an assortment of famous folks followed another normo trend. They watched Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony and had some thoughts. Were those thoughts shared online? Lordy, they sure were.

Thursday’s activity in D.C. cracked open the Twitter take piñata with an impressive variety of stars of weighing in. Not just American celebrity types, either. For example, New Zealand’s pop gift Lorde shared her thoughts on the surreal events unfolding before her.

It was the sort of matter that had Captain America, Bill O’Reilly and Rosie O’Donnell all providing commentary on the hearing and its tethered issues. (Not all at from the same account, you silly goose.)

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