Celebrities Saw ‘Pacific Rim’ Early. Apparently It’s Pretty Good!

It’s pretty hard to argue with giant robots rocket-punching the ever-loving crap out of giant monsters as a transcendent cinematic experience, and as that’s Pacific Rim’s key selling point, you’d think it’d be ready to make all the money. But apparently some people still need convincing. Fortunately, celebrities of all stripes are here to take up the cause. Well, OK, “celebrities”, in some cases.

Actually, the most ringing endorsement comes courtesy of Hideo Kojima, developer of the Metal Gear Solid franchise:

Yes, you just read him call out the nerds of an entire nation. Kojima actually compared seeing it to seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time. Although we’re assuming Pacific Rim has more Stringer Bell and less long scenes of abstract colors with droning music laid over it. But you never know.

Speaking of people who have legions of nerds at their beck and call, what’d Neil Gaiman think of it?

Of course, the endorsement you’ve probably been hearing about is from some guy who knocked up a reality star. Apparently he’s also some musician or something:

Finally, it just wouldn’t be a nerd movie if Rob Liefeld weren’t trying to jump onto the bandwagon:

Somehow, Rob, we always knew Blade 2 was your favorite movie. As for what we think, stay tuned: We’ll be dropping a review this Friday.