These All Time Greatest Celebrity Interview Bloopers Are Every Publicist’s Worst Nightmare

04.14.16 3 years ago

Noted blooper experts NewsBeFunny rounded up some of the all time greatest celebrity train wreck interviews, which at the time probably caused at least a few publicists to read for a bottle of prescription pills. You may recall that time Larry King insinuated to Jerry Seinfeld that NBC had canceled Seinfeld (which went over about as well as you’d think), that time Mike Tyson called an interviewer “a piece of sh*t,” or that other time Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens was asked in all earnestness “how many American men he had to beat off” for a part in a film.

And of course, they’d be remiss without including some greatest hits like Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood meltdown and, my personal favorite, that time Ryan Lochte was openly mocked by Good Day Philly anchors for having all of the charisma of a box of hair. Unrelated note: I have no idea why that guy’s reality show never got picked up for a second season.

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