Does Kevin Spacey Now Belong In This Pantheon Of Celebrity Photobombers?

As the Kevin Spacey “PHOTOBOMB” made it’s way around the world wide web yesterday, I questioned whether it was worthy to join my own personal list of all-time celebrity photobombers. To clarify, I’m referring to people who have purposely done the bombing (even if it pains me to exclude this one) and are worthy of being honored in a made up list contrived by yours truly (did not make it).

So yeah, pretty stringent requirements. Time will only tell if Mr. Spacey is in or out, but here’s the company he’s looking to keep…

My first celebrity photobomb love. EVERYTHING about this image.

These two made their photobombing names at the Eastbound & Down premiere, no less. Just when you thought you already wanted to party with two people they stealthily give the finger to Jon Heder.

What is she not good at?

I don’t know that he’s ever struck again. Probably didn’t want to tarnish his legacy.

Some may argue this was not done on purpose. I disagree.

This still brings me so many levels of enjoyment.

Say what you will about Cera, but he was celebrity photobombing before it was cool.