A Creepy Clown Is Hanging Around A Cemetery In Chicago

This simply will not do.

A woman captured footage of a man dressed as a clown scaling a fence at historic Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago before he silently and eerily waved at the camera. Julia Graham and her husband were driving by the grounds around 10 p.m. one night when they saw something move in the darkness.

“When we get closer,” she told CBS Chicago, “we realize it’s a clown, which is super weird.” I’d also accept “terrifying,” “horrible,” and “you’re gonna die, clown!”

Eventually, the clown caught in the headlights of Graham’s car turns around and, without saying a word, takes off into the darkness of the cemetery.

“I just think it’s creepy and wrong,” Graham says. (Via CBS Chicago)

Many famous Illinois residents are buried in Rosehill, including Sears founder Richard Warren Sears, multiple congressmen, and hot-dog magnate Oscar F. Mayer, because the only thing more emotionally scarring than a clown in a cemetery is a clown riding the Wienermobile.

(Via CBS Chicago)