This Viral Letter From A Banker To Her Daughter Is Full Of Sage Wisdom

Profile Of ICICI Bank Managing Director Chanda Kochchar
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Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s a day that honors the person who gave you life, so you should do something better than hitting up a Walgreens to buy a card with a singing Minion on it before you reluctantly take your mom out to brunch. Mothers are full of wisdom; most of the time that wisdom consists of telling you that you need bring a jacket when you go outside even if it’s in the middle of July. Chanda Kochhar didn’t mention anything about bundling up when it’s cold in her letter to her daughter that has recently gone viral, but this heartwarming note does contain some pretty sound advice.

Kochhar is the director and CEO of ICICI ,one of India’s largest private banks, and her daughter, Aarti, is about to embark on a career of her own. Kochhar’s letter is pretty long, but in it she tells her daughter some important tips on how to survive, not only in the business world, but how to manage business and family successfully. Some of her important tips? Keep your head up. Kochhar mentions how the death of her father at an early age affected her, but her single working mother continued on. Kochhar also suggests that her daughter should find a partner who is on the same wavelength as her. She also tells her daughter that there will be people that will get in her way, but that shouldn’t stop her:

“As you go forward, you will sometimes have to take difficult decisions, decisions that others might scorn at. But you must have the courage to stand up for what you believe in.”

With Kochhar’s stellar business acumen, we should all take her advice.

(Via NDTV)