Well HELLLLOOOOO! As you have noticed by merely landing on today, we’ve made a few changes around here. Allow me to walk you through them.

Put simply, we’ve redesigned the home page so that content from Warming Glow, our network’s beloved TV website, and GammaSquad, our destination for all things SciFi and geek, appear on the homepage along with all the usual stuff put out by me and my fellow UPROXX workhorses. So why are we doing this, you ask?

We’re doing this because we’ve found that many readers between the three sites share interests and we wanted to provide a one-stop-shop where they could find all TV, Sci-Fi and geek coverage they could handle all in one place. This will do nothing to change the look and feel of Warming Glow and GammaSquad, mind you — if you visit either of those sites directly you’ll notice that they look the same as they did previously. The only change for you, the reader, is right here on the UPROXX home page.

That is all. Carry on as you were. And Happy Monday!