People Are Loving This Nun With A Chainsaw Helping To Clean Up After Hurricane Irma

Florida residents are only now just beginning to recover from the wrath of Hurricane Irma, the effects of which may remain for months or even years. At least 15 million homes and businesses across the state were without power, and it could be the end of the week before utilities are restored to all residents. As the death toll continues to climb, we’ll take good news where we can get it.

Enter Sister Margaret Ann, a chainsaw-wielding nun who took Irma cleanup into her own hands this week. Sister Margaret Ann, the principal of a high school southwest of downtown Miami, went viral when an off-duty officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department came across her clearing out fallen trees and posted photos and video to the department’s Facebook page. She told CNN Tuesday night that she knew of the chainsaw in her school’s closet, and knew what she had to do.

There was a need, I had the means, so I wanted to help out,” Sister Margaret Ann told Erin Burnett on Tuesday evening. “We teach our students: Do what you can to help other people, don’t think of yourselves,” she said during a live interview on CNN’s “OutFront.” “That’s what I wanted to do.”

Many people left glowing comments on the department’s post, such as “Prayers are great, but prayer accompanied by action is powerful,” and “God Bless You Sister Margaret Ann, rockin’ a chainsaw – like a boss – AND in full habit” — although many also noted that maybe the habit wasn’t the safest chainsaw attire.

Likewise, the Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, where Sister Margaret Ann works, wrote on Facebook early Wednesday that they were blessed to have her at their school. “We are proud of the example they show for our students and other members of the community every day,” the post read.

You can check out Sister Margaret Ann’s handiwork for yourself below. And maybe, don’t get in her way.

(Via NPR, CNN)