Channing Tatum Offered A Preview Of His Card-Throwing Abilities At Comic-Con

Channing Tatum and Christina Applegate sat down with MTV’s Josh Horowitz for a little behind-the-scenes session at Comic-Con to discuss their upcoming animated film, The Book of Life, once everyone was done spitting fire with Biz Markie. Except, like most great interviews about one movie, the topic was quickly changed to comic book movies, and more specifically Tatum’s upcoming role as Gambit in his own film and/or X-Men: Apocalypse. It turns out that our boy C-Tates had a little Sean Young in his blood prior to 2003’s X2, because he admitted that he auditioned for the role of Gambit, who was eventually cut from that movie, and to prove to producer Lauren Shuler Donner that he had the goods, he showed up to his audition in full Gambit gear – “I had cards, I had the whole thing.”

Naturally, there are fans of both the X-Men franchise and the hunky actors that play our favorite mutants who are still very concerned about C-Tates playing the Cajun card player, and others that think Taylor Kitsch deserves a second chance after X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which never happened. But to calm our concerns some, Tatum was willing to grab a deck of cards and show off his card-throwing skills. Short version: Playboy gots mad skillz, yo.

Of course, if his fellow X-Men have to wait for Gambit to take his playing cards out of the box, then the entire human and mutant races might be doomed.