Channing Tatum Unveiled His New Totally Ripped Look In A Shirtless Thank-You Post To Fans

As you’re no doubt aware, gyms were forced to shut down for the pandemic, and it’s still not a great idea to visit them now. Nonetheless, people are still getting through these times, in part, by working out like demons. They’re doing it with home gyms, which might mean cardio machines squeezed into a home office right next to the desk, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Well, Channing Tatum has clearly devoted a substantial chunk of time this year to his own workouts and to crafting his abs in the kitchen. In a new shirtless Instagram post, he’s thanking fans for being there for him and celebrating how “daddy is finally back boooi!!”

The Magic Mike XXL star cited a long journey, “life sh*t,” injuries, and vaguely-described chaos while unveiling his newly (re-)ripped abs on Instagram next to a Purell bottle.

Tatum is currently working on his directorial debut, Dog, a roadtrip comedy in which he’ll star as a former Army Ranger alongside a beautiful Belgian Malinois, Lulu, as he attempts to arrive at a fellow soldier’s funeral on time. You can see a few production photos at People, although the images don’t show him shirtless. I guess he saved that for Instagram? How kind of him. As of this writing, he’s scored nearly 1.5 million “likes” for his efforts, after which many people probably popped over to YouTube to watch his “Pony” welding dance. Channing Tatum might salvage our sanity in 2020.