Channing Tatum Is Officially Gambit, Reveals X-Men Producer Lauren Shuler Donner

Last year, Channing Tatum expressed interest in playing X-Men‘s Gambit. Then X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner said she liked the idea. Then Burnsy hilariously reported C-Tates had met with Donner, but we didn’t hear if any deals had been made. But it’s C-Tates. Of course he made it rain. Donner made it official during an interview with Total Film.

Donner explained the casting, “He’s a rogue, Channing, he’s a rascal, just like Remy LeBeau, and he can handle the action. We know that. And he’s got a really good heart.”

A rogue, a rascal, with a good heart, and he can handle the action? Yep. That’s C-Tates. If I were Burnsy, I’d have a few paragraphs of hilarious Floridian bro slang to throw around here, but I am not Burnsy, and for that I deeply apologize.

Here’s Tatum talking last year about wanting to play Gambit, which Burnsy did a funny post about at the time.

If anybody has a problem with Gambit C-Tates, you know what you can do.