Should Charlie Sheen Be Praised Or Criticized For His HIV Revelation?

With Charlie Sheen’s revelation that he is HIV positive on Today earlier in the week, the reactions have been flowing steadily. Many have been full of praise, wishing Sheen well and hoping he continues to be strong in the face of his disease, but others have accused Sheen of being “a criminal” and saying he did not disclose his diagnosis despite continuing to be sexually active.

It’s clearly a divisive topic among the people who have been close to Sheen over the years, carrying a lot of weight considering the severity of the disease and accusations from people such as Lisa Ann and Bree Olson. Still, even with that out in the open, it seems that most are more willing to support Sheen with his decision and offering some form of praise for his fight with HIV.

The difficult part is when things like the alleged sex contract leak out — despite the existence of such things being common for celebrities — because it shows a forethought in the matter that would look very poor when combined with the claims from Olsen or Lisa Ann. What is your reaction to Sheen’s disclosure?