Charlie Sheen Just Ruined The Ice Bucket Challenge For Everyone

As annoying as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges littering up everyone’s Facebook feeds are right now, they actually have done a lot of good — creating a 1,000% spike in ALS donations. But forget all that, we can officially pack it in and shut it down now, because Charlie Sheen has gone and ruined the game for everyone in the most Charlie Sheen-iest way possible. Let me stop you right now because I know what you’re already thinking, and yes, he basically just dumps a bunch of money over his head.

On the plus side, he does plan on donating the money he dumps over himself ($10,000) to the ALS association. Also he nominates Jon Cryer, Chuck Lorre, and Ashton Kutcher, because of course he does. Sorry dudes, that’s a tough one. Give in to taunting by Charlie Sheen or give a big middle finger to a noble cause? That’s a choice no one should have to make.