Please Allow Charlotte McKinney To Explain Why ‘Big Boobs Are Bullsh*t’

The never-shy Charlotte McKinney popped into the Cosmopolitan offices to complain about her boobs. Mind you, Charlotte has made her name upon these babies (and a pizza), but she once tried to convince the Dancing With The Stars audience that she was “more than just boobs.”

Charlotte may possess a nice rack, but girlfriend knows the downsides too. Wherever she goes, there they are. Big boobs may appeal to a certain segment of the population, but carrying them around is more than a pain. Containing them can feel damn near impossible. Here are Charlotte’s beefs with her boob-handicaps, although she elaborates upon each reason in the video:

1. “It’s bullsh*t to ask about my bra size.”

2. “Bra shopping is bullsh*t.”

3. “Strapless bras are bullsh*t.”

4. “Your concerns about my boobs sagging in the future is absolute bullsh*t.”

5: “It’s bullsh*t if you ask me, ‘Why don’t you get a breast reduction?'”

6. “Button-down shirts are bullsh*t.”

She’s absolutely correct. Plus, there’s nothing more squicky than feeling underboob, especially on a sweaty day, in public. Charlotte does protest too much for someone who shakes her rack around in this video. She’s complaining but still looking for attention. A win-win, really.

(via Cosmopolitan)