Check Out This Oregon Couple That Tried To Tip Their Waitress With Crystal Meth

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01.08.14 2 Comments

I don’t see the problem here. Using meth to pay for services seems like a perfectly reasonable trade and barter. It worked for Jesse Pinkman and it should’ve worked for this Oregon couple. From The Oregonian:

Police busted two suspected methamphetamine dealers at a Seaside restaurant after they slipped their server an envelope stuffed with the psychoactive drug, authorities said. Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37, spent Thursday night having dinner and drinks at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse, said Seaside Police Chief Robert Gross.
When it came time to settle their tab, the cash-strapped couple first plunked down a gift card to pay their bill, Gross said. Later, they offered their waitress an envelope with a question mark scribbled on it. Inside the envelope the waitress found a stash of crystal meth, authorities said.

I think they chose the wrong restaurant. I don’t think they have Waffle House in Oregon, but I know damn well that the ones around here would snatch the meth from your sweaty palms in exchange for the entire menu with chili splattered on top of it.

The would be meth kingpins stuck around while the waitress dialed 911 and the cops arrived soon after to get their autographs. Later the authorities snooped around the local Holiday Inn Express and found the couple’s state of the art meth lab within one of the rooms. Clearly they took those commercials to heart.

All and all I’d say this is one misadventure they’ll be telling their horribly deformed children about in a few years. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get to see it when Discovery gives these two their own network special alongside the lady who tried to cook meth in a Wal-Mart and the masturbating meth warrior.

(Lead image via The Oregonian / Gawker )

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