Check Out ‘Bricksy,’ Jeff Friesen’s LEGO Tribute To Banksy’s Greatest Works

If you’re the type of person who looks at Banksy’s iconic street artwork and thinks, “This is cool, but why does this guy always have to be so depressing?” then Jeff Friesen might just be the alternative you’ve been waiting for. A Lego master who has already had his creations published in books like The Great Lego North and 50 States of Lego, Friesen’s latest effort is “Bricksy,” which reimagines many of Banksy’s most popular street art offerings as happier scenes that he creates using Legos, obviously.

From “Balloon Girl” to “Monkey Business,” Friesen has brought Banksy’s work to Lego life, though it’s not entirely wrapped in warm fuzzies, as Friesen’s “Mother of Anarchy,” which takes on Banksy’s “Mother Anarchist,” is still pretty dark. Adorable, but dark.

So what does Banksy think of this take on his infamous work? Well, he at least knows it exists, enough that he shared some of Friesen’s images with his originals on Instagram.

(H/T to Mashable)