Check Out Nearly 10-Minutes Of Laser Dragon And Fire Shotgun Filled ‘Blood Dragon’ Gameplay Footage

So far we’ve seen plenty of amusing Fry Cry 3: Blood Dragon animated trailers, mini-movies and faux behind the scenes documentaries, but not so much actual gameplay footage. Well, that ends now, because Ubisoft has released nearly 10-minutes of Blood Dragon in-game footage, narrated in the most unprofessional way possible by the game’s creative director Dean Evans.

Hit the jump for the very laser-ey footage…

I love how absolutely dripping with sarcasm and insincerity Evans’ voice is whenever he drops buzzwords like “emergent systemic gameplay”. This guy f–king hated making the original Far Cry 3. Blood Dragon probably started as nothing-special Far Cry 3 DLC, until everyone on the team just decided “eh, whatever” and started defacing the game with ridiculous color palettes and laser dragons.

via Kotaku