Check Out This Extreme Dog Riding On Top Of His Owner’s Pickup

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07.10.14 6 Comments

Russia is full of some of the most exotic drivers on the road, doing crazy things and threatening people with axes while filming it all on their dash cams. So it’s not really a surprise to see this dog riding on top of this truck.

This dog makes that BASE jumping dog look like a complete wuss for having to go while strapped to a person. This dog is climbing up with no safety harness and jumping without a chute. This dog slapped Air Bud in the face and then posterized him with a 360 dunk explosion. This dog signed up to comment on the Dog With A Blog’s blog and left a scathing comment on the quality of his writing.

What I’m trying to say is that this dog is a bad ass. And most likely dead. Not because it fell off the car into oncoming traffic, but because some Russian dog hunter killed it so the World Cup looks good in a few years. Getting a head start.

(Via Sploid / Alex Rezigar)

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