Watch A Guy Make A Hot Dog With A Giant Excavator In This European Commercial

You may think you’re great at your job, but watching this video may make you reconsider.

Juha-Pekki Perämäki is a Finnish excavator operator who’s an absolute master of his craft. He’s so good at running the machine, in fact, that European gas station company Statoil decided to display his unique skills in a recent commercial. The spot was created to promote the gas station’s improved hot dogs.

In the clip, Perämäki is operating an eight-and-a-half ton excavator with surgical precision to make a hot dog. He uses the shovel of the giant machine like a hand, individually picking up ingredients and putting them together. When he has a finished product, he controls the mammoth machine to feed his friend. Now that’s trust. It took 30 takes to create the commercial, with Perämäki only having one mishap.

Unlike the Kardashians, it’s good to see someone get on TV with actual talent.

(Via Mashable)