Check Out This Short Film That Attempts To Pinpoint Exactly How We Like Our Coffee

Coffee is one of those things that we all have formed an opinion about at some point in our lives. Some won’t drink the stuff, while others can’t seem to live without it. I tend to put myself in the latter group, but I’m not a choosy kind of guy when it comes to the stuff. But some people are and it really turns into this way to define how they are in their day to day life. How do you like your coffee?

That’s what this little short from NOWNESS attempts to discover. Filmmaker James Casey chats with numerous people on their coffee choices and how they like to prepare the stuff. There’s the high brow taste testers of the world, the enlightened artsy folks, and the common people just looking for a quick pick-me-up. They all enjoy it, but it takes many twists and turns before that point.

I think one reason I wanted to share this stems from how it covers a simple topic that many probably just don’t think too much about day to day. It really reminded me A Hotdog Program from PBS, a documentary that covered people’s obsession with hot dogs and the way they are prepared around the country.

I make the comparison because both are items that we view as simple, but also seem to have this gained this culture around them. People like their hot dogs a certain way, much like they want their coffee a certain way. That or I’m just talking out of my ass here. Either way, I think I really want a cup of coffee and a hot dog now.