Check Out This Video Of An Elderly Man Knocking Out Two Young Punks

Anyone who has ever seen The Expendables knows it’s probably not wise to mess with men of an advanced age. Some old coots have the dreaded “old man strength,” making them formidable opponents. Now add to that the ability to fight, and you have one deadly codger on your hands.

In this (supposed) CCTV clip, you can see what looks to be an elderly fellow being hassled by two young drunks somewhere in Russia. One of the guys tries to intimidate the man with some trash talking. The elderly gentleman listens for a few seconds, then pushes back the mouthy idiot using the aforementioned “old man strength.” Seeing this, the drunk smack talker’s buddy tries to approach the wily geezer, but swiftly gets knocked the eff out with a left hook. The smack talker then tries to come at the old man with a right cross, but gets bombed in the jaw with a right hook, knocking him to the ground as well.

The video ends with the victorious elder standing over his defeated foes. He looks to be giving them a piece of his mind, and the dazed youngins have to sit there and take it. That’s probably not gonna be good for the ol’ self confidence tomorrow morning.

(Via Bro Bible)

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