Check Out Target's New Crotchless Bikini Bottoms That Aren't As Sexy As You'd Think

Target has really outdone themselves this time in Photoshop crimes against humanity. It’s one thing to use Photoshop to give women completely unrealistic standards of beauty, but it’s quite another to crudely remove the vagina part of the woman and give her a freakishly long and skinny extraterrestrial arm:


Here’s a closeup:


God forbid the model of the “Xhilaration® Junior’s Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit -Leopard Print” has JANKY-LOOKING LABIA. Oh because — yes, this is a photo of a junior’s swimsuit. Good job, Target, for giving impressionable teenage girls yet another thing to freak about. I’d provide a link to the website, but the product listing has already been removed because Target’s PR department is clearly far superior to their “art” department.

H/T, Jezebel