Check Out This Tulsa Man’s Christmas Light Display Set To ‘The Fox’

Jay Perkins claims that he hadn’t heard of the hit Ylvis song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” until a few weeks ago, but short of “Blurred Lines” or “Get Lucky” he couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate 2013 song to set his Christmas lights display to this year. You know, even if it had already been done for Halloween by the Edwards Landing Lights crew. According to KJRH News in Oklahoma, Perkins’s house has still become a hit among gawkers that like to drive around and look at crazy light displays, and it’s definitely an impressive accomplishment.

Perkins admitted that his first concern was whether or not he’d piss off his neighbors, but they seem to be pretty cool with it so far. Still, I’m sure that the other guys in the neighborhood might have been happier with a “Blurred Lines” display if it meant naked animated models.

And here’s the full display without an attractive female news reporter standing in front of it.