We Need To Talk About Cheese Ball Machine Gun Control

Listen, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a cheeseball gun. Everyone should have the right to shoot cheese balls at anyone who enters their home, or intrudes on their property, but do we really need cheeseball machine guns? At what point will the escalation get out of control? The streets will be running orange with cheese.

There comes a time where you have to say, “no.” There’s no reason anyone needs a cheeseball machine gun. A regular cheeseball gun is just fine, and a cheeseball machine gun’s awesome firepower may be too much for society to handle. But, if you wanted one, you can learn how with this handy video.

YouTube creator NightHawkInLight made this impressive weaponry using an electric leaf blower as his base, then customized it into the machine gun that can unleash dozens of cheese balls a minute. The cheese ball container is combined with always-useful PVC pipe, which is then rigged to be air-tight, so there is “fluid dynamic trickery” that can send the balls flying at your enemies. They will taste fear, and it will be cheesy and kind of crunchy.

Much like its cousin the potato cannon, may be dangerous in the wrong hands (potato cannons are dangerous in all hands), but a good guy with a cheese ball gun can always stop a bad guy with a cheese ball gun. It’s time to stop playing with food, and lives.

(Via Death&Taxes)