Chelsea Handler May Be Showing Off Her Boobs All The Time Because She Allegedly Had A Breast Lift

Recently, UPROXX brought you a very important timeline in the adventures of Chelsea Handler’s nudity. It was interesting in that for several years, Handler’s nudity was of the more tame, censored variety. Then, about five months ago, it was all BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS 24/7. One could argue that because Chelsea Lately ended a few months prior, she no longer had an image to keep up with E! [note: LOL!], and that was the reason for the sudden boobsplosion.

However, Us Weekly suggests a different motivation, claiming that Handler had a boob lift six months ago, which would have taken place exactly one month before boob-a-palooza. Interesting. The gossip rag says that a source told them she was “stressed about looking saggy” and is now “obsessed” with the results, hence the constant display in social media.

Let’s get in sleuth mode and figure this out. Below on the left is a picture of her in the shower scene with Ellen DeGeneres in August of 2014 on Chelsea Lately, and on the photo on the right is from her Instagram account in January of 2015:

What do we think? Her boobs definitely look more “round” in the photo on the right, but it’s not as if they looked bad beforehand. Either way, Handler has the right to show her boobs all she wants, but if she did get the surgery, it seems like this whole “free the nipple” thing is a bit disingenuous if the real story here is “LERKIT MAH NEW BERBS.”