Chelsea Handler Offers Her Opinion Of Donald Trump And Obviously It Involves Nudity

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Anybody with a passing familiarity of Chelsea Handler knows that she loves being naked, whether flashing other celebrities or not. Girlfriend loves her nudity so much that we even have a timeline on it.

Now, Handler’s nudity is topical. She posted a tweet of her naked backside with a message to Donald Trump.

(You can see the unedited photo here.)

In case you couldn’t read that, or were distracted by other stuff, the writing says, “TRUMP IS A BUTT HOLE.” Handler captions her tweet with, “I mean this with the utmost disrespect.” I don’t see how you could’ve meant this any other way, Chelsea!

This will probably start another tiresome feud between Trump and a controversial TV personality who only looks good in comparison. Imagine all the “Chelsea is a LOSER” tweets, or allusions to her period, while Handler posts some more pictures of words against Trump artfully scrawled across her body. Just something else this election needs, you know?

But if it gives Handler more material for future Netflix docuseries, I guess that’s cool. And she probably needs something to talk about for her upcoming Netflix talk show, which is airing three nights a week, and in 196 countries.

Or maybe Trump will just ignore this. Sounds like the smartest move to me.