Cher Takes Aim At Anti-Vaxxers At Dodger Stadium With A Style That Remains Unrivaled

Are you having a terrible day? It happens. However, any day can be made slightly brighter by spending a few minutes enjoying Cher’s Twitter page and realizing that she, too, sometimes has bad days. And she uses those days to make our days a little bit brighter, like while using chicken and tooth emoji like they’re punctuation while describing a terrible time she with the dentist.

Her emoji game is indeed strong, as are her haphazard decisions to capitalize seemingly random words. I like to think that she intends every keystroke, but this probably happens effortlessly. One thing is certain: Cher trusts in Joe Biden, and she’s got a shamrock and a boot-leather analogy to prove it.

None of Cher’s tweets, though, can live up to this next one. Not only is flag emoji is pinch hitting for “America” and “Americans,” but she’s tossing in a double-coffin move to take aim at this past weekend’s anti-vaxxer demonstration (which took place outside of Dodger Stadium) that was apparently organized on Facebook. Cher isn’t afraid to throw down her harsh judgment with every emoji possible. The “⚰️⚰️” are particularly telling here when she describes how blocking a few thousands of people can have the domino effect of causing many thousand more deaths.

Yep, Cher rarely pulls a punch, but she did so earlier this month with a mystery deleted tweet. “You know I almost NEVER DELETE MY TWTS,” she wrote. “But Sometimes No Matter how you Feel,Better to keep it to yourself.Doesn’t Make any Difference what Others Do,Or Say.There are lines you can’t Cross.” Her replies yield no clues on the content of the tweet she deleted, but with no emoji present, this was a somber affair.

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