Chewbacca Mom Got Invited To Facebook For A Wookie Playdate And Had An Amazing Time

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05.24.16 3 Comments

It’s not every day someone gets a private invite to Facebook’s headquarters from Mark Zuckerberg himself, and it’s definitely not every day that said visit involves laughing and playing with a real-life Wookie. Or, as “real life” as a fictional species can possibly be that is. That is exactly what happened to viral star and “Chewbacca Mom” Candace Payne after Zuckerberg reached out and offered her the day of her dreams. As the most-watched Facebook Live video ever with 141 million views, Zuck had a great reason to make Candace happy. Candace of course has a great reason to be thankful to the social network that made her the viral darling of the week and got her and her family a pile of gifts from Kohl’s, a ride with James Corden, and the reputation of someone that was able to make the entire internet happy.

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