This Heroic Little Boy Cosplayed As Batman And Rescued A Trapped Baby From A Car

The infernal days of summer have thrown down anchor, and the Internet has witnessed the danger lurking within the interior of a hot vehicle. In China, a mother was shamed for refusing to allow firefighters to break her car windows and rescue her suffering toddler. And the Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu filmed a disturbing PSA of what he experienced when locked inside a car during 90-degree weather, all in the name of animal safety.

This story has a much more positive spin, mostly because Batman is involved. This Batman isn’t the brooding variety found in DC comics movies, but he wears the same spiffy outfit. In East Sussex, 5-year-old Zavi Ahmed dressed up as his favorite superhero to go grocery shopping with his mother. The Tesco parking lot proved to be a chaotic scene, as a babysitter went into a panic after her Volkswagon Beetle locked by itself, trapping a 1-year-old baby girl inside.

Police arrived and smashed out the car’s rear window, but they couldn’t stuff themselves inside the narrow opening to retrieve the car’s keys or unlock a door. Zavi singlemindedly dragged his mother over to the vehicle and fearlessly offered his Batman services. He squeezed into the opening, expertly retrieved the car keys, and saved the baby girl. After much celebration, Zavi beamed, “I always feel like a superhero – but that day was special.”

One final detail: Zavi’s brother, Nadeen, was also in attendance and dressed as Superman. Since Batman did the rescuing in this situation, let’s take Zavi’s heroic feat as a harbinger of what will happen when these two superheroes go head to head in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

(via Daily Mail)