Watch This Super Serious Professor Try To Keep A Straight Face When Children Crash His BBC Interview

There’s a reason why there’s an old show business saying about never working with children or animals, because children and animals are frigging unpredictable. Even when they’re your own, apparently! Professor Robert Kelly was speaking to the BBC live Friday morning about the breaking developments in South Korea after President Park Geun-hye was removed from office following months of turmoil and corruption scandal.

“Scandals happen all the time, the question is how new democracies respond to those scandals,” he said, as behind him his daughter came literally elbowing her way into the room, strutting right up to the camera as the BBC presenter attempted to ask a followup question. “And what will it means for the wider region,” he queried… “I think one of your children’s just walked in.”

Kelly attempted in vain to push his own child away from the camera, but like something straight out of a horror movie, his second child came sloooowly toddling in from behind him in a walker before their mom came dashing in to snatch them both out — much to the protesting wails of the children.

The clip — which is basically high art of news bloopers — quickly went viral as people started making jokes on Twitter:

(Via Evening Standard)