A Chilean Radio Station Was Forced To Apologize After A DJ Received A Rimjob On The Air

I’ve always had a bit of a disdain for radio shock jocks, mostly the local variety that seem to thrive on the morning zoo environment that larger shows already do well enough. Your Ira and the Douches. They’re always trying to be “edgy” by pushing things to the line and then slipping a toe through to cross it.

In this case it was a tongue. The Chilean radio station Top 40 was giving away tickets to the Mysteryland EDM festival on the air and decided to see what their listeners would do to win. One person decided to say, “actual anything, up to and including licking whipped cream out of a human anus,” leaving DJ Paul Hip to declare a winner. That’s where we get the picture above (uncensored below) and the ensuing outrage that followed since the act was broadcast live in the studio and Tweeted out.

The Tweet spread like wildfire, Hip urged listeners to make out with his new friend, and it all ended up floating to the official Mysteryland web site. People were not happy and since this is the Internet, their efforts to delete were useless. The station then decided to do what they had to do and apologize:

Dear listeners,

Following an image that was published on social media, that shows one of our listeners taking a challenge to get tickets for a festival, we would like to communicate the following:

– The “40 Principales” team apologizes to all the people that were offended for the image published.
– We want to clarify that the challenge done by our listener was absolutely voluntary and proposed by her, as part of a contest that was open to anyone who wanted to take part of it.
– Also, we are sorry for our mistake on accepting that challenge.

We hope that you understand that this was during a playful context and there wasn’t bad intentions, and intention to offend or denigrate our audience.


The Radio Team ‘40 Principales’.

This should be a lesson to everyone involved. Don’t do stupid stunts on the radio that you might possibly regret, especially if those things have to do with licking something out of someone’s butt. Leave that to folks at Detroit Lions games and professionals.

(Via Buzzfeed / Gawker / 40 Chile Oficial)