China to Turn Buses into End Bosses

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08.03.10 6 Comments

The above is not some terrible cross between two warped fetishes, although it’ll be Photoshopped to be that the very second you read this. Instead, it’s China’s idea for reducing traffic congestion, the “3D Express Coach” (the “2D Slicing Bus” didn’t test well). Or it may be to suck up, crush, and melt random cars on the road to eliminate the weak. This is China, could be either.

They’re not really buses so much as trains which allow cars to drive under them. They’ll function like buses, but will be on rails, probably because the first thing somebody asked was what would happen to the cars underneath if this thing made a sudden turn. And how precisely does this function, you ask? Watch the video below, and be enlightened!

[ via Engadget ]

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