The Agency Behind That Chinese Detergent Ad Apologizes For ‘Over Amplification’ By The Media

When you put out a commercial featuring a black man being shoved into a washing machine until he’s a much lighter skin tone, people might be inclined to think your ad is mind-bogglingly racist. Y’know, because it is. Well, the company behind the detergent spot has issued an apology, but one with a bit of finger pointing too.

Al Jazeera reports that Shanghai Leishang Cosmetics has said sorry for their highly controversial Qiaobi detergent commercial. The company has elected to go the “sorry if you were offended by what you saw” route which is essentially the same as making an apology while doing a sarcastic jerkoff motion.

“We express our apology for the harm caused to the African people because of the spread of the ad and the over-amplification by the media,” the company said.

“We sincerely hope the public and the media will not over-read it.”

Yeah! How dare The Media™ show people that horrible thing you did! How was the marketing department supposed to know that a black guy going for a kiss only to be shoved into a washing machine to “clean off” his dark skin would be seen as racist?

The commercial, which had been running in China since March, has since been pulled. Mind you, that won’t be the last the world will see of it. One YouTube posting of the ad has already managed to rack up over 7 million views since Thursday.

(via Al Jazeera)

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